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Trancoso is a small town near Porto Seguro located in an area of white sandy and in some cases semi deserted beaches set against cliffs. You can swim in the natural swimming pools which form at low tide due to the reefs which protect it from the open sea.Trancoso, a rectangular shaped village besides having a famous village green has other attractions like coconut groves and the tropical rainforest. If you are looking for a holiday home for commercial or investment purposes, Trancoso real estate should be on your destination list.This group is looking for a place where they can settle down and work. Naturally, most of these people prefer areas near the major cities or towns which are well connected and have good quality infrastructure suitable for day to day living, for example, good roads, schools, shopping facilities and hospitals to name a few. Most property investors in Bahia can be divided into two categories. The first group consists of people wanting to buy property exclusively for their own use.The second category consists of people who are looking for a holiday home which they can occasionally use and rent out for the rest of the year. The requirement of this group is a calm peaceful place away from the urban rush with good tourist attractions and activities.Trancoso provides the perfect match for these requirements and this is the main reason for Trancoso real estate being so much in demand.Trancoso, An Easy To Reach Resort TownTrancoso lies on the coast to the south of Porto Seguro in the southeastern Bahia region which is popularly known as the Discovery Coast (Costa de Descobrimento).Trancoso which comes under the Porto Seguro municipality is about 40 minutes from the ferry connecting Proto Seguro to Arraial d’Ajuda and about an hour’s drive from the Proto Seguro international airport. Porto Seguro is a port city and is well connected by air and road to all other parts of the country.Trancoso has all the makings of a good resort town with beautiful beaches, controlled development and the right infrastructure. The village which retains its old style houses is rectangular and the village square is known as the Quadrado. Just near the square is the catholic church of Saint John the Baptist which was built sometime during the sixteenth century.History And CultureTrancoso is included in the government’s environmental protection area which is aimed at limiting the development in the region to protect its biosphere. This is a good thing for people wanting to invest in Trancoso real estate for holiday purposes as they can rest assured that lopsided development will not spoil the charm and quiet of the place.Trancoso is in the area where the Portuguese first landed in Brazil. The population has the typical Brazilian mix consisting of descendents of the natives, Portuguese and African people. The last few decades have seen people from other parts of the world settling down here.There is a festival held every year on January 20th at the village square where people celebrate and honor Saint Sebastian by singing and playing musical instruments.Great Places To Visit In And Around Trancoso• Beaches: The Mirror Beach, Palm Tree Beach, Local Beach and the Big Rock Beach are among the most famous beaches of Trancoso. The mirror beach is half an hour away and is accessible only on sunny days by a dirt road. The Palm Tree Beach got its name thanks to a group of beautiful palm trees located near it. It has facilities like restaurants, beach bars and resort hotels.• The Quadrado and the church next to it.• Monte Pascoal National Park.Property Options Available For Trancoso Real Estate SeekersThere are many residential and commercial real estate investment options in Trancoso. Farms, land, hotels and houses are available. Here is an idea about the cost involved going by current real estate listings:• Houses are available from $101,300 to $1,800,800 at an average price of about $600,230.• Land is available from $56,275 to $3,376,500 at an average price of about $816,340.Whether you are looking for a holiday home or buying a property for rental income or other commercial purposes, you are sure to find something perfect for your requirements in Trancoso. For people looking for property in a resort town, Trancoso real estate presents an ideal choice. With perfect weather and natural attractions, Trancoso is a hit with tourists and is gaining in popularity as time passes.