Evolution of Green Real Estate Properties – Green Real Estate

The ideologies of the buyers in the real estate industry have been drastically changed over the years. All they need is eco-friendly or environmental properties with required facilities. Some of the environment friendly features are:Use of renewable energy sources
The current trend in the market is demand for eco-friendly properties. Use of solar energy in water heating appliances, air conditioners and inverters can attract many buyers. This kind of energy sources can reduce their E-bills.Rainwater collectors
Rainwater harvesting is effective way of storing rainwater for domestic usage. By using this method in our home, a large scale of water scarcity can be reduced.Use of wooden furniture’s
Consumers are considering organic materials like wood and bamboo to be used in interior furniture. Plywood made from wood chips and window treatment, which include bamboo shades are some of the organic designs evolving in the green properties. Wooden furniture can add warmth, richness, comfort and finesse to the household area.Natural landscaping
It is one of the important factors for the green real estate property. Properties, which have native plants and trees growing in and around the surroundings, have much demand among the consumers. A property, which has artificial grass lawns, requires lot of water to be supplied whereas native plants and trees require only seasonal rainfall to grow. Plenty of water can be saved by having natural growing trees and plants.Eco-friendly interior insulations
Interior insulation in home is necessary as it affects the room temperature. Use of eco-friendly insulations with wooden chips, cotton, small broken pieces of stones and rocks, newspapers, cellulose insulation can reduce the noise and green house gas emission. Natural insulations have a low embodied energy and are fully disposable/recyclable at the end of their life.Due to the increased demand in green real estate, many firms have started to promote their properties as eco-friendly homes. Buyers are showing more interest in having energy efficient products and systems in properties. Many financial institutions and private sector firms are investing huge money in green real estate predicting its demand in the future. According to government policies, investors who are investing in this sector pay fewer taxes compared to commercial sector investing. Green building construction has become increasingly popular and construction of such buildings has been a great challenge in long run. A green building is setting up new avenues in sector and increases the talent among the architects, environmentalists and suppliers.

Energy Efficient Homes and How to Write Articles on Green Real Estate Topics – Green Real Estate

At the height of the real estate bubble it was amazing how many people were reading articles on real estate. It seems that every single person was in on the game; trying to flip houses, or buying the dream house they’ve always wanted at no money down. There was some talk of green real estate, alternative energy, solar panels, installation strategies, and LED lighting, but nothing like there is now after the housing burst.Today, nearly all articles in the industry have a “green” slant to them.Whether this is good or bad, and I happen to think it is okay, is perhaps beside the point. Indeed, the reality is that it provides an excellent opportunity for online article authors, one which very few have really taken advantage of, but I think you should. You see, over the years I’ve written over 500 articles on alternative energy, green real-estate, and environmental issues. And mind you, I am in no way a staunch environmentalist.Nevertheless, I do get good feedback often as readers email me, thank me for my articles and information, and proceed to ask me other questions, which I in turn use as titles for new articles on the topic. What, I am trying to tell you is that you should be catering to this thirst for knowledge in green real-estate, and writing online content that satisfies the needs and desires of your future potential readers.In doing so, you will be promoting a clean environment, and helping an industry rebuild itself, all positive things. So, please consider this and start writing.